About Us

KC's Steakhouse has been operating for over 4 decades, and is known as an iconic entertainment venue in the local community. The lease for the bar and grill has changed hands several times, as has the trading name, but KC's eventually stuck in 1981 with slight variations, such as KC's Chargrill, KC's Chargrill & Bar, KC's Bar & Grill and currently KC's Grill & Bar.

The initials KC's were taken from Kevin Collins & Christine Bismire of Sydney - Kevin having been a drummer in a band at Sydney's Bourbon & Beefsteak - they moved north for a new lifestyle and created an iconic name and venue with live music.

The site has been owned since 1967 by the Chengody family, tourism pioneers Alex (late), Judy, and 4 children, who developed and ran the Steakhouse from August 1973, before leasing it out, together with holiday units out the back. Other names for the Steakhouse were Airlie Court Steak House, Mike's Place and Cell R Bistro. Then in 1997, the older sons in the Chengody family, Steven and Chris, initially took over the lease agreement to operate the bar and grill, with Chris eventually staying on for 17 years.

In December 2014, the lease was passed down to the youngest son, Peter, and his wife Selena. The couple have experienced Restaurant Manager Talon Taylor running the day-to-day operations of the bar and restaurant. Talon has been successfully managing the business for over 5 years, with 20 years hospitality experience behind her. They also have Alan Bryce working as Head Chef, who has spent over 6 years creating delicious meals for KC's Grill & Bar patrons, rising to the position of head chef, having originally been trained in a 5 star hotel in Scotland.